Customized Repair
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Are you tired of the factory mentality that one price fits all repairs regardless of how much or how little is wrong with an instrument ?

When an instrument fails the calibration procedure at OSI, a price for the repair will be quoted to the customer, based on a diagnosis.

Rather than charge a flat fee that would be unfair to our customers, a technician spends up to 30 minutes evaluating the instrument to see how many problems it has and what parts may be required. If the problem is determined to be a fuse or other minor component, it is repaired at no additional charge to the customer and the calibration is completed.

Should more work be required, the customer will be quoted a firm price for parts and labor. Although we cannot determine the actual labor or parts that will be needed until the repairs are completed, the customer's original repair quote will remain the same.

However, OSI reserves the right to re-quote or return the instrument if the cost for parts would exceed the original quotation

The instrument will be returned to the customer at no charge if the revised quote is rejected.

A detailed report of all repairs is furnished to the customer.

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